Dramatis Personae

And now the stars of the show! I’ll start with my own characters and a brief description of each, then add other players’ characters who are currently involved with my own over time. Please note that all ages are listed in human-equivalent, as elves they are decades or even centuries older than their human equivalent! Garradh Sideath is an exception to this.

House Llyrandor is an ancient Blood Elf noble house dating back to before the Sundering. Traditionally seated in Suncrown Village, the Llyrandor family is one of the many who were chosen to defend Quel’thalas against the Amani troll empire.  Their fortunes have waxed and waned over the years, but with Suncrown Village destroyed during Arthas’ invasion, they are now a noble family without a home. Some speak of a terrible curse upon the family, one that has been confirmed by Lady Lithil but never elaborated upon.

Lord Sheigh Llyrandor – Male Blood Elf, age 21, head of House Llyrandor. Sheigh is a powerful mage despite his relative youth, and a fierce orator and leader. His youth and fiery temper have often done more to hurt the fortunes of his family than help them, however. Political intrigues led to his exile which only recently ended, but his time away from Quel’thalas saw his family scattered and his influence erased. He currently resides in Orgrimmar, keeping to himself as he masters the arcane arts and tempers himself a return to political power.

Lithil Llyrandor – Female Blood Elf, age 39, mother of Sheigh Llyrandor. Lithil has always been ambitious and power-hungry, a trait inherited to her late father who was only too happy to marry his daughter to the rich Llyrandor family. Something went wrong after that though, as Lithil fell madly in love with her new husband Rhaedd. While their son Sheigh was young, she served as an ambassador to the other Alliance factions. After Rhaedd’s death, she has subtly manipulated her son’s life, and some whisper that it was her machinations that led to Sheigh’s exile. A practicioner of the dark arts in secret, Lithil’s only goal is more power – either for herself, or for her son.

Rhaedd Llyrandor (deceased) – Male Blood Elf, father of Sheigh Llyrandor. Rhaedd, like his father, concentrated less on politics and more on the pursuit of magic. An instructor of the arcane arts in Dalaran, Rhaedd worked closely with humans his whole life. One of his most infamous pupils was the archmage Arugal. During the Horde invasion of Quel’thalas, Rhaedd served alongside Prince Kael’thas and the two became close friends. Rhaedd escaped the Scourge attack on Dalaran, but died defending Silvermoon from Arthas.

Sir Connal Llyrandor – Male blood elf, age 24, cousin of Sheigh Llyrandor. Sir Connal is a Blood Knight of Silvermoon who frequently serves with the Warsong Outriders or Arathi Defilers. The only surviving male Llyrandor descendant after the Scourge invasion, Connal originally schemed to depose or even kill his cousin Sheigh. During Sheigh’s exile he was the titular head of House Llyrandor, and something changed within him. Whether the weight of the family name bore down on him too heavily or the plight of his cousin affected him, none can say. Since Sheigh’s return for exile, Connal has faithfully served his cousin.

Sir Garradh Sideath – Male high elf Forsaken, age 6279. Sir Garradh has served House Llyrandor for millennia, literally. He was once a great swordsman and served as a bodyguard and advisor to every Lord Llyrandor since Rhuobhe himself. Sir Garradh was an ancient man, close to the end of his life even with the sustaining energies of the Sunwell, when he was killed defending his lord against the Scourge. It seemed Garradh’s story was not over, though, and he rose as a Forsaken, returning to Sheigh’s service. The new Lord Llyrandor does not appreciate Garradh like his ancestors did, but the ancient warrior is patient with the boy.

Doctor Valynnath Sadique – Male blood elf, age 34. One of Sheigh’s retainers, Dr. Sadique and his apprentice Seine are practicioners of the healing arts, often tending to the wounded knights at the Argent Tournament. Dr. Sadique has a shady past, and it is rumored he has murdered many suitors to his beautiful sister, Lorien. Some even claim that the high-collared shirts he fancies are to hide scars from a failed hanging. Aside from the rumors, Dr. Sadique is known to be an excellent big-game hunter.

The Banker – Female blood elf, age 430. A minor character at best, this woman handles the finances of House Llyrandor. Once reknowned for her beauty, she suffered terrible injuries that left her a broken, monstrous hag but kept her mind intact. Eventually she approached agents of the Scourge, promising to serve Arthas if it meant restoring her health and beauty. She was sacrificed and raised as a Death Knight, but broke free of Arthas’ control at the Battle of Light’s Hope. Seeing the error of her ways, she returned to House Llyrandor to continue her simple life.

more to come!


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