Welcome to Sheigh’s World of Warcraft roleplaying blog!

Hello everyone! As an introduction, my character is Sheigh, a blood elf mage from the Moon Guard roleplaying server for the game World of Warcraft. This thread will be written almost entirely from the RP point of view of Sheigh and some of his associates.

I will be writing most of the posts myself, though I do encourage others to reply either in a roleplay style or simply reply as you see fit, or even to post your own work.

Most of the posts here will be me simply recording the background and thoughts of my characters, specifically what they are doing and thinking at any given time. Sometimes I might talk out of character about what’s going on in the game for me, about mage tactics, and maybe the occasional personal rant, who knows?

A word of warning – I occasionally enjoy writing erotica and some of my characters are sexually active. I will place some kind of warning or block on these stories so only those that wish to read them can. All other stories will be R-rated.

I look forward to posting here and sharing Sheigh’s adventures in World of Warcraft with you!


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