Notes on Continuity, Roleplaying Gray Areas, and Character Permissions

Just a few quick notes for my readers:

Continuity – This blog is written during the timeframe of World of Warcraft, using my own knowledge of the game’s lore and history. I will occasionally post something that doesn’t jive with WoW lore, either accidentally or on purpose. Readers are encouraged to correct me! For history purposes, the events defined in World of Warcraft are considered to have started five years after the events chronicled in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and that linear gameplay time is concurrent with linear time. In other words the events that occurred in “Vanilla” WoW took two years, the events that occurred in WoW: Burning Crusade took another two years, and we are currently in the second year of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King. Thus “current” time would be the spring of the second year of Wrath of the Lich King, the sixth year since the release of WoW and eleven years since the events chronicled in WC3: TFT.

Unfortunately, all posted lore timelines put each expansion as being one year of game time compared to two years of linear time. Thus the impossible amount of work our characters get done in a regular year of gameplay is actually only six months of lore . . . a bit crazy! What does this mean?

We retcon! By God, if Blizzard can do it so can I! I’ll stick to the compiled “unofficial” timeline as available on WoWWiki ( since I think this is more accurate than Blizz’s own timeline. So the two years of Sheigh’s life chronicled in TBC are a bit more squished and overlapped than they should be since we’re shrinking it down to a year, and currently I’m maintaining that this is the spring of the second year of WotLK – I’ll fix it when I have to!

Roleplaying Gray Areas – Aside from continuity errors, there’s always some kind of gap in the lore that we need to fill. Sometimes the lore is very clear, sometimes it is very murky. I’m going to be making calls on a lot of these for reasons that, quite honestly, fit my RP history more than they fit lore.

Death Knights – According to lore, the playable Death Knights are all 2nd-Generation death knights who are champions of the Horde and Alliance that were raised by the Lich King to be his minions. They’re all dead – can’t reproduce, cold, technically undead. However, a LOT of roleplayers play “live” DKs . . . there’s a bit of evidence to support this might be possible, that exceptional individuals can willingly turn to the Scourge and be made death knights. Since friends roleplay themselves as “live” DKs, I’ve decided to allow that both scenarios, live and dead, are possible.

Forsaken elves – This was my bad . . . I didn’t realize the Plague of Undeath didn’t affect elves when I created my Forsaken warrior’s background. There are lots of ways that elves can become Scourge though, so we’re gonna say this is a minor point. Garradh Sideath is an undead elf.

Elf Aging – This one is straight up murky since there are multiple sources describing how elves age. Technically the verdict is still out on this one for me, but I’m going to go with the Tolkein-style of elves aging . . . that they are born and mature to adulthood at the same rate as humans, but upon reaching maturity their aging slows. Specifically night elves can be quite ancient due to their time in the Emerald Dream, and high/blood elves can also be quite old due to the effects of the Sunwell. For purposes of character age I will be posting a Human Equivalent for elves, trolls, etc. since we’re all used to human ages.

More to come later?

Character Permissions – “What does that mean?” In a nutshell I roleplay with or have roleplayed with a LOT of people since TBC started. Some of them are integral to Sheigh’s story, others are not so much. This is to protect the guilty far more than to protect the innocent, but what it comes down to is I will post about other peoples’ characters as they affected Sheigh’s life. I will not be “godmoding” or directing their characters in any way unless they have ceased playing on this server, in which case sorry, I’m stealing your intellectual property. If someone does not want me using their character’s name, I will respect that if they contact me.

For purposes of my (ahem) naughtier stuff, ladies, if your character did the dirty deed with one of my characters, and I find it important enough to include in the story, you’ll be named. Again you can ask for your name to be removed. Why? Because we slept with the folks we slept with, whether we like it or not these days. HOWEVER . . . you won’t be featured in any erotic stories without permission.

So if you don’t like me using your toon, contact me and I’ll work around it to the best of my ability.


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