Dramatis Personae – Acquaintences of House Llyrandor

Here are some names that will occasionally pop up in stories, that folks might need to be familiar with:

Redmolly – Female Blood Elf Rogue: Molly is a longtime friend and traveling companion to Lord Sheigh. Unlike many of his female “traveling companions”, Molly and Sheigh have never been romantically involved. He enjoys her company as a sounding board for his ideas, both political and martial, because Molly is never afraid to share her opinion. She is also very handy with a lockpick and is invaluable to House Llyrandor when dealing with security issues. Molly and Sheigh never really talk about how they met or what keeps them so close, only that it was “a long time ago in a completely different world.” She has accompanied him through his exile and served with him in both the Iron Dragon Legion and the Outsiders mercenary group.

Pejitei Mi’zuma – Female Troll Hunter: The famous troll archaeologist, explorer, and big-game hunter Pejitei Mi’zuma has long been a friend of House Llyrandor. She frequently visits Lord Sheigh to discuss troll history – Sheigh’s military endeavours into Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman give her an insight that she would otherwise need an army backing her to gain. Pejitei is also a master artist and Lord Sheigh frequently commissions her for her excellent paintings.

Mue’hela – Female Tauren Druid: The leader of The Unruly and a close acquaintence of the Roaming Oak tribe, Mue’hela or “Moozie” as her elf friends call her has been a longtime associate of House Llyrandor. Lord Sheigh often seeks spiritual advice from her, though he would never claim to worship Cenarius.

Lady Mylasande Sylvranesti – Female Blood Elf Mage, deceased(?): Lady Mylasande was Lord Sheigh’s wife, and was the head of House Sylvranesti. The two met when Mylasande’s sister Eratika was petitioning to become an apprentice to Lord Sheigh. The two quickly fell in love and were married in an elaborate ceremony in Azshara. Though it was rumored that Mylasande was a warlock, under Sheigh’s tutelage both she and her sister became powerful mages. However, the traditions of House Sylvranesti and House Llyrandor were very different, and this often led to problems in their marriage, as did Sheigh’s affair with Mylasande’s sister.

Mylasande bore Sheigh a son, Aearion, during the war against the Burning Crusade on Draenor. By this time the couple was growing apart, and with Sheigh’s arrest and exile she officially divorced Sheigh. Many who knew her believed she had become power-hungry and mentally unstable, a charge that Sheigh denies. With their son Aearion, Mylasande disappeared into Northrend in pursuit of knowledge about the ley line nexus controlled by the Blue Dragonflight. Members of her party reported both her and Aearion as missing, presumed dead.


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