Background: Rosethorn Tower

Tonight I thought I would describe the mage tower Sheigh keeps in Orgrimmar, his home:

Rosethorn Tower looks nothing like a traditional wizard’s tower, nor like an elf lord’s home. It is a traditional orcish tower built using timber and rough-hewn stone overlaid with thick leather tarpaulins. The bottom floor is made up of the “Orgrimmar Bowyer” shop and the living quarters of Jin’sora, the troll who runs the shop. If one circles behind the shop, toward the canyon wall, one will see a small stable and next to that, a locked door. This is the entrance to the rest of Rosethorn Tower.

The second floor of the tower is mostly storage, including a pantry, a safe-room for treasures and goods, and the servants’ quarters, currently occupied by an old Orcish crone who cleans and cooks for Lord Llyrandor.

Whereas the first and second floors are unassuming, the stairs leading to the third floor are oak inlaid with red marble, opening into a lavish third floor. This area is the primary living quarters and includes a greeting hall, living room, and dining room all decorated in the height of elven style. Attached is a full-service kitchen and a chilling room kept cool by Lord Llyrandor’s ice magics.

The fourth floor is composed almost entirely of bedrooms, but even the untrained eye will quickly realize something is awry here – the hall is not circular as would befit a tower, but straight, and far longer than the tower’s diameter. Lord Llyrandor has used his knowledge of arcane magic to project extra-dimensional spaces inside the tower, leading to the fourth floor being several meters longer and wider than is physically possible. At one end is an elaborate bathing room attended by an imprisoned water elemental – the elemental controls a large central shower-and-bath in the tiled room. Next to this is Lord Llyrandor’s personal quarters. Along the hall are four other rooms which house various guests, with only Sir Garradh Sideath maintaining a permanent room for himself. At the far end of the hall is Lord Llyrandor’s small library.

The fifth floor is Lord Llyrandor’s magical laboratory. The doors and windows are magically locked and sealed against intrustion of any kind, though he has recently found out those seals are not as impervious as he imagined. The staircase first leads to an observation lounge with a breathtaking view of the Valley of Honor, before continuing up to the laboratory itself. What exactly goes on up there is a secret to all but Lord Sheigh, though he is known to keep several magical tomes up there as well as his gemcutting equipment.



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2 responses to “Background: Rosethorn Tower

  1. ~ Prophasis

    Tuesdays do suck! This tower you describe would be the one shown in your header, I’m guessing? I love how you use Sheigh’s magic around his home. It’s creative without going too far to where the reader is like.. “Wait, what?”

  2. I tried to keep it simple but emphasize his use of the various schools of magic. Blood elves pretty routinely have magical things like lighting and the ol’ magic broom, so I didn’t think an icebox and an elemental-powered water faucet or two were too extravagant.

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