OOC: Improving the blog

Hi everyone! I plan on making some changes here in the next few days. Nothing you’ll really notice, probably, well not immediately. This site will remain a blog about the Sheigh-n-Friends adventures! I have decided to cut out the erotica I promised earlier in the hopes of getting a wider reader base (*cough* Mom insists on reading it *cough*) which actually works well for me – I consider writing it to be a bit repetitive. Not saying the idea is dead, just currently on the back burner.

I might be searching for a new website. I want to expand the capabilities of the site so I can write about multiple characters without it appearing as jumbled as it is now. Shimz is an interesting guy and I would like to write more about him, but his story gets lost completely in the larger story of Sheigh. I have also long wanted to explore some events from Garradh’s incredibly long life and to do that in a different format. I want to add a few features too, such as an art gallery to highlight some of the incredible House Llyrandor art done over the years by folks like Pejitei and Avarice, as well as some of the more light-hearted stuff (I still love the pic of Sheigh and Raised spying on an elf girl that Dissy did quick on Paint!).

The final feature I want to add, desperately want to add, is a place for readers and fans to post their own works, about your characters on Moon Guard, about friends of Sheigh, or even highlighting your own RP weblogs. I suppose they call this a “forum” eh?

There will still be a story this week so stay tuned!


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