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The Good Doctor – The Early Years

My name is Valynnath Sadique, an apothecarian and doctor of natural medicine. I started my practice in Silvermoon two years ago, operating out of the front of a small house I shared with my sister Lorien and our plethora of pets. After Lorien moved away, I decided to strike out upon an adventure. I packed up my things and moved north, far far north, to the tip of the world. My young assistant Siene joined me as we traveled to Northrend and began a new practice helping injured knights at the Argent Tourney.

Business in the north has been excellent. I have been able to pay off the loans I took out from House Llyrandor in order to pay for my medical training, and I have been able to trade in the rough tent Siene and I started in for a small but cozy wood-walled cabin at the tourney grounds. I hunt for our food, which she usually burns in one attempt or another to learn how to cook.

We are joined by my pet lynx, Treisiwr. He has been my traveling companion throughout my training as an alchemist, and though he is a hungry mouth to feed, the added warmth of a third body in the tent kept us alive on more than one cold Icecrown night.

Life is, generally, quite good now. It is always cold, but we’re used to it. There is always a broken lance wound or trampled squire to attend to, and while the blood and death sometimes bothers my young assistant, I find myself surprisingly used to it. Life was not always easy for me, and this new leaf has been easy for me to turn over. Sadly, though, my past occasionally catches up to me.

My parents died in a coach accident when Lori and I were young. We were taken in by our aunt and uncle, but I was almost old enough to live on my own and I often clashed my uncle. I joined a gang, started doing thistle, started getting in fights, but most importantly started making some money. Not that I needed money, our family was well off and I could have lived comfortably at home. But it was MY money that I earned, and I liked it.

I officially ran away from home when I was seventeen. I had an opportunity to run some harder stuff down to Stromgarde. I ended up selling most of the good stuff in Stratholme on the way there, and had to give up pretty much everything I made to my contact in Strom. Still, I had some money, and it was my first time in human society, and I loved it. All the excitement, the action, the life that these humans packed into every day amazed and excited me.

I met a girl and stayed in Stromgarde for a few years, running errands at first but moving my way up the smuggling ring in town. Half the town guards loved my girl more than I did – humans are crazy for elves usually, and she was an elf like me, a runaway. She could flirt her way out of anything with the guards, and we lived pretty comfortably.

It was a pretty good life. There was money, drugs, booze, dancing, girls (yeah not just my girl), everything a young man wanted. I loved the danger of my work, and I loved the street fights we would get into with other groups of criminals.

I killed my first man in Stromgarde in a knife fight. I felt pretty bad about it at the time, and the heat was starting to grow. When my girl got sick, we decided we should head back to Quel’thalas. She was talking about marriage, too, and I wanted to introduce her to Lori. Lori and I had always been close growing up even though she was a decade younger than me, and I missed her a lot and couldn’t wait to see her and let her meet my girl.

Sadly, life had different plans. My girl died on our trip. It was hard, but I pushed on. It was good to see Lorien again and it was nice to be home in Silvermoon. I stayed for a year before the wanderlust took me. It was heartbreaking to leave Lori, but staying under my uncle’s thumb was stifling.

I returned to Stromgarde to find the situation had changed a lot while I was gone. My gang was no longer on top, and we were fighting against another gang, a pro-human gang that had a lot of support because they hated elves. Without my girl, things were tougher with the guards too. One night we got sold out by a treasonous little bastard, and I found myself in prison.

Prison in Stromgarde was rough. It was a nightmare, that first time. All I could think about was Lori, my poor little angel sister, waiting for the letters I promised that would now never come. But I had my own troubles, big troubles. I was young, still pretty thin, and an elf in a prison full of big human men, hardened criminals, thugs, smugglers and pirates. It was a good thing I could fight, because I needed to defend myself a lot in there. Eventually a sympathetic guard put me in my own cell, but I still wasn’t safe.

One very large brute was especially threatening. He was disgusting, with barely half his teeth, mountains of muscle, and a reputation for raping and even murdering new prisoners. I had avoided him thankfully, but with the gang war in the streets outside the cells were filling up fast, and it was only a matter of time before we ended up in the open stockade together. I vowed to myself that wouldn’t happen.

Lucky for me, the rest of my boys were good fighters too, and before long my gang was back on top. The gang leader remembered how he got there, and he bailed me out. Sure I got rough jobs after that, but I was free. If I thought things under my uncle had been bad . . . well, I never thought that way again.

I wanted to go home, but I owed my fellows. I was also worried what Lorien would think of my new hobby, getting tattoos. Back with some elves I managed to get some good elfish art done, but in prison I had picked up a couple rough human tattoos that I was also proud of. Most importantly, I got a spider web on my chest . . . I had been caught like a fly, but I managed to escape.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I have an appointment soon. Come back tonight, and we can work some more on my story. More detail? Well, I’m afraid I can’t always do that. Some of these folks are still alive, and I took oaths of secrecy. Alright, I’ll see you tonight.


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